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Cubic-mm Sensor Node

Sensing, computing, storage, energy-harvesting, wireless communication

in a 1mm3 form factor

an NSF-sponsored project

The goal of this project is to develop and disseminate a complete wireless sensing and computing platform that integrates an imager, signal processing and memory, temperature sensor, CMOS timer, wireless communication, battery, and solar cell in a one cubic mm volume through low-cost die stacking and encapsulation. The research will focus on overcoming the hardware challenges of realizing a node with this unprecedented volume and functionality; exploring new communication and networking protocols that align with the node's resource constraints; developing a software platform specific to these nodes that can support a wide range of applications and uses while taking advantage of multiple energy-efficient operation modes on the node; and evaluating the nodes in three testbed research projects in Biology, Medicine, and Engineering.

Also as a part of this project, we will more widely distribute nodes to teams of researchers, students, and companies through a competitive selection process with NSF involvement in the final selection. To support such a wide dissemination, we plan to manufacture a modest number of the nodes, make a greater numbers of bare die of each subsystem available, and hold workshops at the University of Michigan and University of Utah to train future users. Ultimately, we hope to enable new applications of deeply embedded sensing and control systems and provide a platform for others to leverage.

University of Michigan